The Kitabi Karwan Podcast — Episode 2 : Vandana Singh-Lal, Author of So All is Peac

Kitabi Karwan (or KK) was born out a desire to truly fulfil every bookworm’s desire to seek genuine engagement and discussions about books, and authors, and writers, and all other related creative personnel associated with the process. Here, we don’t talk about ratings nor do we analyse or review books. We discuss them, what they made us feel. We talk about how the writer became what they are today, how did they write this piece, and of course, who and what they end up reading.
Regardless of whether you’re a lifelong bibliophile or just starting your karwan with books, do give this blog, and this podcast, a whirl.

For our second episode, I have a candid conversation with Vandana Singh Lal, a debutant author, whose book So All is Peace is beautiful haunting. Exploring the unique scenario of the self-starvation of twin sisters in upper middle-class Delhi, the book is just as mysterious and interesting as the author.

Tune in to listen to Vandana’s fascinating journey to Oxford, the forests of Madhya Pradesh, the film studios of Mumbai and finally this novel.

You can buy her book at Amazon or Flipkart


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