Quintessentially Tata by Syamlal Gupta

Loyalty as an idea has been inexplicably linked with the idea of grace, courage and moral fortitude. The ability to strive with dedication and success is something that has been revered, and always comes with its own set of difficulties and challenges.

This book, despite picking up a largely interesting area to explore, fails to grip you. I understand that describing a memoir as if it is a novel seems tardy, but the fact is that inspite of factually having an awe-inspiring career spanning nearly six decades, I failed to be fascinated by the narration. It was bland and rather dry.

But that being said, this book is a flag bearer of the idea of perseverance and hard work. The fallacy of this book is ironically what paved out its strongest point. Finding success not in pomp and show, but rather in a quiet, somber manner, is what this memoir is about. Imagine your favourite Hans Zimmer score. This is exactly like that. Feeling the awe build up, almost minimal at first and then everything at once. The crescendo’s magnificence is unparalleled. For once, we don’t have an attempt to pull off a flowery literary masterpiece through a memoir, but a simple lesson. Be humble, work hard and nothing can stop you.

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